Ethical fashion, coffee, handmade goods, coffee, live music, and more coffee! This past weekend, Collective Goods collaborated with the amazing Rosso Coffee Roasters and hosted a pop-up shop at the Rosso Studio Bell location. It was an amazing evening where we were able to meet with so many great people, share the story of Collective Goods and our partner, Ellilta Products, and sell their beautiful handmade jewelry and scarves. Not only that, but we even had local band Handmade Music perform a dreamy live set for us! Needless to say, it was a great time. So why Rosso Coffee Roasters? We didn’t collaborate with this amazing company just for their stunning venue and great coffee; we collaborated with them because they also run their business very similar to Collective Goods!

Rosso Coffee Roasters purchases all of their coffee directly from coffee producing farms all around the world. Currently they work with coffee producers in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Rwanda, Brazil, Myanmar and Burundi. Rosso business is heavily relational, as they actually travel and visit coffee farms on a regular basis and meet with the producers face-to-face. Their goal is to empower and provide the most value to the coffee producers that they work with, understand their operations and build a constructive relationship that's mutually beneficial. This type of relationship with producers allows room for Rosso to learn more about coffee from expert farmers, and also for Rosso to provide feedback and knowledge to the producers about the North American market. Rosso also pays a much higher price for coffee when purchasing from each farm; they pay substantially more than most coffee shops/chains, and even more than the Fair Trade Standard! This tells the producers that they are valued and that Rosso wants them to benefit and succeed from conducting trade with them, which drives their passion to produce amazing quality coffee that people truly love.

Sound familiar? Collective Goods is doing the exact same thing, only instead of coffee, it’s handmade artisanal goods! We at CG strive to empower women around the world by supporting organizations that invest in women and their futures and provide them meaningful employment. As you know, our first partner is with Ellilta Products, a retail branch in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that employs women who have left life on the streets. CG traveled to their workshop in Addis earlier this year, and we were able to sit down and meet with all the women who work at Ellilta Products, see firsthand their day-to-day and learn how to best support their business. Since then, CG has been designing jewelry and scarves that Ellilta Products produces in their workshop, and we purchase and ship them over to Canada where we market and sell them! As CG is a non-profit, all the profit made from these sales is given directly to Ellilta Products, which goes into the salaries of the women and their sister organization Ellilta Women at Risk (a rehabilitation program for women leaving the streets). Like Rosso, we want everyone to win, and we work to build authentic relationships with our partners to show them that their lives and their work truly matter.

As you can see, CG x Rosso was a natural fit! We want to thank Rosso Coffee Roasters for being such gracious hosts to our pop-up and for allowing us to share their story and being a part of ours. We look forward to more future collaborations, and hope to see you there!  


Your CG team