Mission, Vision, Values

CG Mission

Our mission is to empower local women to help facilitate sustainable earning opportunities for underprivileged women around the globe in order to improve the quality of life through economic self-sufficiency. 

CG Vision

Our vision is to create a community where women across the world are gainfully empowered to rise up from oppression by partaking in a worldwide fair trade marketplace. 

CG Values

  1. We value community. We respect teamwork, collaboration and the contribution of volunteers within organizations and communities. We are people driven.
  2. We value creativity. We recognize that being open to new ideas, embracing change and developing imagination is the driving force of our operations. We respect the craftsmanship of our artisanal partners and we seek to complement their artistry. 
  3. We value commitment. We are unwavering in our commitment to our mission, vision and values. We are committed to supporting our GAP (Global Artisan Partners), staff and volunteers with transparency, dignity and respect. We take accountability for our actions and base decisions on sound judgement. We dedicate the highest level of work ethic to all that we do. 
  4. We value humility. We are performance driven but we seek to always execute with humility and wisdom. We acknowledge that glory is not found within the individual. We will always seek the bigger picture and be grounded in our core purpose, not to be led astray by personal agendas or desires. 
  5. We value integrity. We aspire to exemplify the highest standards of morality and we will be uncompromising in our beliefs for what is good and just.